Sunday, September 7, 2008

On prophecy...

One of the ways prophecy can bless us today is as we let it remind us that God exists outside of linear time. I call it “the eternal now,” where all things are present and complete, where even you and I are fully formed in Him. That’s the reality, the perspective God sees! You and I—well, we live in the “already/not yet.” Already Jesus has come and indwells us through His Spirit, but His second coming and the final fulfillment of Biblical revelation is yet to come, and something we see only dimly. Truth is, no prophecy is really understood until God fulfills it, and even THEN we generally need Him to explain it to us. But we are blessed by prophecy when we allow it to wash over us with God’s sovereignty, His beauty, His faithfulness, His extraordinary power to do whatever He says He will do.

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