Friday, March 28, 2014

God’s invitation to walk with Him -- Curt's meditation on Abraham's call

Once the journey begins our footsteps can’t be retraced.
Marriage and then moving to a remote oil field town in Saudi Arabia
Traveling to Alaska in search of a new job and establishing roots.
Further education in new professions in Wyoming.
Beginning a family while Jeri’s in law school and I’m completing my education.
Returning to Alaska for work, growing the family, new relationships and work.
Adventuring to Scotland for work and building a new community.
Returning to Alaska to become imbedded in the community in new ways.

With age comes the call to live overseas again.
Uprooted to UAE to begin again. 
New work and community to build.
Eyes and heart opened up to what God is doing in the Middle East.
Invited to think about what retirement would be.
People chasing after dreams, surviving day to day, hoping for more
Physically and spiritually exhausted, in need of a quite space.

The invitation to join God in creating a Spa for the Soul came.
A new journey to find the place of His choosing.
Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, Albania, UAE, Oman, USA were considered.
Ten years living and working among Muslims led us to Turkey.
Fewer Christian resources and closer to those in need.
A quite, peaceful, beautiful setting but derelict house.
As the derelict house was remodeled, relationships were built.
Spa for the Soul, a setting where people can come who seek God.
To be restored by God’s word, beauty, and quiet voice. 

In every move comes work, sorrow, fear, anxiety, blessings and joy.
Work to pack-up and say good bye to close friends.
To complete and finish well ongoing work and involvements.
Sorrow to leave close friends and meaningful activities.
Fear of the unknown and anxiety about what God has in store.
God’s faithfulness brings new friends, blessings and joy.
Our lives are touched and blessed.
We become a blessing to others as well.

Our life has been a faith journey at God’s invitation to go forth.
Seeking him, wondering what today will bring. 
Wondering who God will bring.
Trusting and obeying God’s word day to day.
Hard work, sorrows, fear, anxiety but always blessings.
Personal blessings as well as blessing to those our lives touch.

God’s invitation to walk with Him.

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